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ISSUE ZERO: Modeling TPR’s Mission, Rebecca Hallman and Sherry Wynn Perdue, Eds.


Editor’s Introduction

As the founding coeditors of The Peer Review, we are privileged to launch a new venue for writing center scholarship: a peer reviewed, open access, fully online, and multimodal journal to showcase the best scholarship of our field. What are the characteristics of this scholarship? When we presented the editorial team with this question, it didn’t take us long to assemble the following descriptors:

  • grounded in theory (or working toward one);
  • framed by the extant literature (when appropriate);
  • supported with data (collected and analyzed by any number of qualitative or quantitative means); and
  • presented in a medium that best represents the work.

While we gave significant attention to what would fill the pages of TPR, the journal was conceived to engage, to prepare, and to promote the next generation of writing center scholars/researchers. We understand that rigorous scholarship must be intentionally sponsored, so TPR targets emergent scholars—new professionals, graduate students, undergraduate students, high school writing consultants—and their collaborators. With this publication, we are making a commitment to scaffolding in the form of a two-part review system—the first provided by members of the editorial team and the second conveyed via double blind review—regular works-in-progress sessions, and our inaugural volume, Issue Zero, which anticipates our contributors’ questions and models the scholarship we seek …


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