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Why Not Finally Answer “Why?”

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Taking the time to talk with students about why they’re learning something – especially when it comes to writing skills – can make a world of difference.

Purdue Global Academic Success and Writing Resource Center and Blog

Kyle Harley, Kaplan University Tutor

In the world of higher education, much more than we would like to admit, excuses become commonplace for both student and professor alike. From an educator’s perspective, I need not dive into the laundry list of excuses we have received and will continue to for years to come. Likewise, from listening to students’ perspectives, particularly when frustrated with writing assignments, I find myself just as perplexed to hear these individuals openly wonder why they are learning a particular concept. Even more astonishing is their response: “The professor never really explained it.”

Now, before assuming, I tend to prod these students a bit more and, as we will all be happy to hear, these excuses turn into responses, and they all tend to be the same. Instead of pointing fingers at the professors, more often than not I am finding that students are pointing fingers at…

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