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What is a Literature Review?

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A literature review, something that I have heard about, but never had to do, is not nearly as terrifying as it seemed when I began researching it. A literature review is neither a book review, nor an annotated bibliography (though it does contain some similar aspects to the latter). A literature review should do more than an annotated bibliography; this simple definition found itself in more than one resource I read, but it does come across as a palatable way to think about literature reviews as I tried to grasp the ideas behind them.

A literature review deals with scholarly works about a certain topic. Within this video, made by NCSU Libraries, the works that will be used in a literature review are broken down to the major works about the topic as well as other works responding to those works or the topic. An easy way for me…

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Writing as a Path to Healing

Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care

By Roberta P. Gardner

One of my earliest memories of writing in school was a failed scribble drawing of my deceased cat, Honey. She wasn’t officially my cat, but I was the one who played with her every day, and I let her know that she was loved. I used to sneak her bowls of milk and slices of cheese, and I gave her a name. I was a latchkey kid, and Honey and I played together every day after school. One day as we were playing, I chased her into the street and she was hit by a car that almost hit me, too. Honey died. I considered it my fault, and for a long time, I couldn’t get the screech of the cat or the car out of my mind. The images of Honey’s deflated body and the lurching car were recurring phantoms.

A few days after Honey…

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